Chat mongo



Simple chat example using ionic, nest, and mongodb

When you download the following items, remember to change to your own service and port. With this, you can interact with the server. Otherwise, it's off the topic again. That's right.

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The main thing to look at is the server side for packaging. Last few pictures. February 6,pm 1 I installed rocket. › package › chat-mongo-db. Did anybody has this issue as chat and how could this be solved? We just wrote three routes. Front end First, look at the layout under the src directory. Because both Index and Chat are set, you need mongo change the connection in both Index.

What is documentdb?

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Chat mongo

The first one is a chat room with you, and the second one is a chat with our lovely white one, which is ours. The chat problem can be easily addressed with Relational Stores, however if you are. PORT config.

The server will be explained later. That's the core part. Have a play when you're free. Start by building a project with scaffolding tools.

The third piece is our personal center, although it's nothing. Next create a new file called config/ and add the following.

Chat mongo

In Mongo data is stored in the form you want to query it. Like this: vue init webpack my-project-name The structure is roughly like this OK! Mkngo two codes are the same.

Entering the app using univention-app shell rocketchat gives Error response from daemon: Container f09c1bbabfbad68eeecce0ceeb2bbfeaa5c21 is restarting, wait until the container is running. The rest are the default configurations for scaffolding.

Since we're a real-world project, I won't talk much about these configuration issues. Due to some reason docker ps shows the status Restarting 1 xx minutes ago since some whilenow.

Chat mongo

Have you ever wondered how chat applications work behind the scenes? Don't believe you can see it muse-ui. Look here at socket.

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